A new format for an unprecedented event

Smartfair is a suite of software tools for smartphone, tablet and desktop platforms

The SmartFair suite consists in:

  • SmartFairMobile: a smartphone/tablet application, meant to help people to prepare for, live and re-live their visit to a trade show.
  • SmartMonitor: a back-end web application which allows organizers and exhibitors to manage contents, interact with visitors and receive their feedback.
  • SmartFairServer: a series of web components which allow to manage data and communication with mobile devices.

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SmartFair mobile

SmartFair mobile is a smartphone/tablet app for devices running Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. Each version was designed to exploit the technical features and meet the interaction standards of the platform it targets, since we want all users, no matter their device, to feel at home.
SmartFair can be personalized to meet the visual style and goals of a specific event. Organizes can decide which tools they want to include, thus having the possibility to decide whether to offer their visitors a light and simple app or a full-fledged suite, which can still accompany and entertain them when the event is over.

The program and the interactive map

Everything you need is with you.

SmartFair provides each visitor with a virtual bag with all the material they need to have at their fingertips, making information retrieval faster, easier and even more environmentally sustainable!

With SmartFair, an interactive map, the program, the exhibitor list, information about times and tickets, news from official sources and social networks are just a tap away.

The page of an event

You are the event.

Visiting a trade show is much more than just consuming contents: visitors constantly re-interpret, enrich, and play with them.

Discover what you can do with SmartFair: plan your agenda in advance so that you are sure you will not miss a single event or exhibitor that interests you, tell the event organizer what you liked and what you did not like, write your reviews about events and exhibitors, play with the event topics!

'Now', a tool to discover what is going on

The right tool at the right time.

User needs and goals usually change depending on the moment: defining a must-see list, being aware af all the opportunities a trade show offers at a certain time, re-living and recalling a fun experience. SmartFair offers personalized tools according to the moment it is being used, to help visitors to prepare for, live and re-live their visit to a trade show.

Are you at a trade show? You can quickly discover the events which are about to begin, or simply find the information you need exactly where you need it by taking a picture to a QR code, or by exploiting automatic and semi-automatic positioning services.
A trade show you have visited is over? Relive your experience with your photo album and your personalized diary.


Relationships as a part of one's own identity.

Relationships are an important part of people's identity, and the same is for "things" such as products, stands or conferences. SmartFair helps visitors to explore relationships among people and things in the context of a trade show, offering easy to use shortcuts to related elements.

Get in contact with exhibitors and build your network by exchanging your visiting card, discover similar events and exhibitors to those you like thanks to SmartFair recommendations and its thematic search tool.